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Increasing Personal Effectiveness

This 1-day seminar puts focus on what has been, and continues to be, the greatest asset of any company; its people.  Students are challenged to rethink how they view situations and the people involved.  It touches on the importance of interpersonal communication skills, which are particularly important as we’ve entered an age of high-tech, no-face communication where misunderstanding is on the rise.

Who Should Attend
dingbat Those in Management
dingbat Informal Leaders
dingbat Suitable for any level employee

Seminar Goals
dingbat To identify your own communication strengths and weaknesses
dingbat To become better at praising and correcting co-workers
dingbat To help you create a more positive workplace environment where new ideas are welcomed

This Seminar Addresses
dingbat Attitudes of effective people
dingbat Viewing circumstances objectively
dingbat Value formation—how the past affects the present
dingbat Recognizing biases and their impact
dingbat Employer and employee expectations
dingbat Trust and integrity
dingbat Influence and authority
dingbat Authority and power
dingbat Developing healthy working relationships
dingbat Effective, frequent communication


dingbat ISO 9001:
blank 2015 Overview

dingbat Increasing Personal
dingbat Internal Auditor Courses
dingbat Lead Auditor Coursesn

Increasing Personal Effectiveness 1