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Frequently  Asked  Questions

Is there an advantage to classroom instruction as opposed to on-line auditor training?
Yes.  On-line courses are fine for just getting theory. The reality is that there is more than theory to auditing, and that is practical auditing interaction that only comes in the classroom.   Often, student evaluations include remarks about how helpful the illustrations and application from real auditors were to them.  It also allows students to hear questions from others that might be applicable to their situation.

How much of the total time is lecture?
The class is designed with a mix of lecture and activity. The courses are more interactive than lecture oriented.

How is the classroom set up?
When possible, the classroom is set up in a “U” shape to promote interaction with other students.  The student doesn’t have to sit looking at the back of someone else during the lecture time.  A clear view of classmates makes eye contact easier and enables more relational communication.

Why only 4 days as opposed to the common 5-day Lead Auditor courses?
Starbrite’s Lead Auditor course is competency based, not qualification based. The advantage to competency based learning is that as the week progresses and assignments are turned in for a grade, if there are errors the student can make corrections and re-submit the assignment.  Once all the assignments are satisfactory, the student has demonstrated competency and effectiveness in the classroom. There are no last day (5th day) exams.

What sets Starbrite’s classes apart from others?
The main difference in our classes is the emphasis on human interaction. We spend time helping students understand the relational qualifications that make a good auditor. Many organizations can relate to the horror an auditor can bring to their associates because of the auditor’s lack of personal skills. In our courses, we spend time helping students understand that being able to apply the Standards to the audited organization is not as important to the client as skillfully conducting themselves in any situation.

Why are Starbrite’s classes lower in price compared to competitors?
Starbrite’s Lead Auditor class is a lower price because the 4-day format reduces the overhead costs.

Is Starbrite also available to do internal audits for our company?
Yes.  In addition to training, we have active Certification Auditors who conduct quarterly, semi-annual or annual internal audits, including the audit report.


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