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ISO 9001: 2015 Overview – Internal Auditor Course
A 2-day course on the basic requirements of the ISO Standard and what’s needed to conduct an audit of your own company’s management system.   To gain hands-on experience, practice audits are conducted with other class participants.  Students rate this as one of the best learning experiences.  This course can be conducted at your facility upon request.

Who Should Attend 
dingbat Internal Auditors
dingbat Supplier Auditors
dingbat Managers
dingbat Those responsible for internal audit functions

Seminar Materials
In addition to standard written materials, there will be class activities to enhance the learning experience.  Starbrite Consulting uses a competency-based method of teaching whereby work is given daily, allowing students to resubmit individual assignments if needed.   

Seminar Goals
dingbat To understand and apply the auditing requirements of the ISO 19001 Standard
dingbat To professionally conduct internal audits and supplier audits
dingbat To be able to positively contribute to process improvements 

Day 1
Includes an overview of the ISO Standard and the history and rational for the standard.  Students will gain experience in interpreting the requirements from an auditor’s viewpoint.  Teachings are aimed at helping students to understand how to “custom fit” the requirements into their own organization’s methods.

Day 2
Students will review the principles and practices of auditing, including guidelines for conducting audits, reporting the finding and requesting corrective actions. To gain hands-on experience, practice audits are conducted with other class participants.   They will obtain and evaluate objective evidence to accurately assess management systems and to identify areas for process improvement.


dingbat ISO 9001:
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