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ISO 9001 – Lead  Auditor  Courses (4-day course)
This is a competency-based course, certified by Exemplar Global. It meets the training portion of the requirements for certification of individual QMS Lead auditors. It includes an explanation of ISO 9001:2015 and audit systems, the auditing process and audit instruments, and the documentation process. Students conduct an audit, write the audit report, and take corrective action. Auditing case studies are used to develop skills for identifying nonconformance. There is no final exam with this course. The student is graded in competencies developed throughout the course.

Who Should Attend

dingbat Quality Assurance Managers
dingbat ISO 9001:2015 Implementation Team Members
dingbat Management Representatives
dingbat Those desiring ISO 9001:2015 Lead Auditor status
dingbat Supplier Auditors
dingbat Continuous Improvement Personnel

Seminar Materials
In addition to standard written materials, there will be class activities to enhance the learning experience. Starbrite Consulting uses a competency-based method of teaching whereby work is given daily, allowing students to resubmit individual assignments if needed. This approach is an effective way to learn the material, plus eliminates a “test day” from the schedule which reduces the class cost and helps with busy schedules.

Seminar Goals

dingbat Understanding the ISO 9001:2015 QMS, auditing, and registration process
dingbat Understand each element of ISO 9001:2015
dingbat To confidently prepare, perform and complete an internal audit

Seminar Outline
dingbat The purpose of the ISO Standard and its terms and definitions
dingbat Fitting the ISO Standard requirements into any organization effectively
dingbat The benefits of ISO to your organization and your customers
dingbat The history and background of the ISO Standard
dingbat The requirements and application of the ISO Standard
dingbat The audit purpose, effective audit planning, and audit checklist logistics
dingbat Effective, non-threatening interviewing techniques
dingbat Considerately understanding the organization’s and auditee’s perspective
dingbat Identifying and communicating non-conformance issues
dingbat Thorough audit reporting with effective corrective actions


dingbat ISO 9001:
blank 2015 Overview

dingbat Increasing Personal
dingbat Internal Auditor Courses
dingbat Lead Auditor Courses

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